An Ode To Vinyl – To Have and to Hold

7 Aug

Here is a documentary that holds a special place for any Vinyl collector. “To Have & To Hold” is a documentary that embodies the fans who still collect vinyl and focuses on the beauty of the record and the importance to many.

You will also see serious vinyl collectors such as Bobbito Garcia, Chuck D, Questlove, Danny Krivit, Bruce ‘Bluenote’ Ludvall and more being interviewed in the documentary. Check out the trailer below.


Diggin For Wax 001 | Needle to the Groove

4 Aug

We are 3 like-minded DJ’s enjoying varied styles of music loosely called dance music old and new. Looking a bit further than the top 10 DJ charts of the week and digging into some of the dance music history to re/discover some possible overlooked gems from the past.

This is the first in our new Diggin for Wax Mix Series, the concept is simple, a £20 budget and an afternoon searching for discarded records in 2nd hand bins to see what we can come up with. For the first mix we headed to Islington cash in hand and anticipation for what gems may pop up.

It was a surprisingly hot Sunday summer’s day most people were out and about enjoying the weather in the beer garden with a pint. We decided to head down to Haggle Vinyl to see if we could pick up anything interesting. The sale bins out the front were not really an indication of what was to be had in some of the waist-high stacks in the store.

The store in itself is amazing, there are so many records jammed into the place that you don’t know where to start. On first look pieces appear reasonably priced some of the wares in the main racks are geared more towards the collector as you would expect.

I’ve head that the owner can be a bit eccentric here but he was not working this particular day. The girl behind the counter was friendly and digging for reggae and dub tunes herself. We spent quite a few hours looking under the racks on the floor (enough time that one of the crew went for a kebab and Guinness half way through) and in any cranny which records were rammed.

Went through loads of 80’s and 90’s hip hop, house, techno, soca and reggae all jumbled up in massive piles, these sections are all over the place so you really need to go through each stack to find the good stuff.

The dirt and grit here is amazing, it seems like some of these things haven’t been disturbed for a long time. In hindsight we should have brought along a cloth to wipe down records before listening. The turntables are proper ghetto style, the 2nd turntable had a pair of 80’s Walkman headphones that were held together with sticky tape which had seen better days. Some noteworthy finds are included in the first mix (which I think we did go slightly over budget.. but what the hell……)

In the mix you’ll hear an assortment of 90’s hiphop, soul and funk.

Diggin For Wax 001 | Needle to the Groove


Gwen McCray – 90% (President Records) 1974
Love Unlimited Orchestra – Strange Games and Things (20th Century Recordings) 1976
Marley Marl Featuring Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane- The Symphony (Cold Chillin) 1988
Dream Warriors – Wash your face in my Sink (4th & Broadway) 1990
RUN DMC- Runs House (Def Jam) 1988
Cut Master D.C. – Brooklyn Rocks the Best (Zakia Records) 1988
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ease Back (ffrr) 1988
Back to the Grill – MC Search (Def Jam) 1992
Double XX Posse – Executive Class (Mel-O Records) 1991
Brotherhood – The Monkey That Became President (JB’s Records) 1975
Sugarhill Gang – The Message (Sugarhill Records) 1979
Tom Browne – Funkin for Jamaica (Simply Vinyl) 1980
Van Twist – Hot Wax (Polydor) 1984
Salt N Peppa – Spinderella’s Not A Fella (But A Girl DJ) (Instrumental) (ffrr) 1988
Ultramagnetic MC’s – When I Burn (ffrr) 1988
Dr Dre – The Roach (Priority) 1992
Heavy D and the Boys – Blue Funk (MCA) 1992
Dr Dre and Snoop Dog – Nuthin but a G Thang (Priority) 1992
Grand Puba – I like it (I wanna Be Where You Are) (Electra) 1995
3rd Bass – Monty Hall (Def Jam) 1989

Diggin For Wax 001 | Needle to the Groove by Diggin for Wax

Look out for a more dancefloor mix in the next installment.

If you weren’t one of the first 100 people lucky enough to download the mix from soundcloud its avaliable here.


20 Jun

This is the first post of our new blog. It’s a labour of love and all involved are very passionate about music. Although we do focus on Vinyl we are by no means purists. Use (or misuse) any medium or technology available to be creative.

Always a work in progress our aim is to highlight some of the music that may have been recorded and let slip into obscurity, a one hit wonder or just plain strange.

We all enjoy something that takes you by surprise or by stumbling upon a new find by taking a punt on the oddest sleeve art. You never know what you’re going to come home with, maybe it may be your new favorite.

We want to share what is inspiring us and who knows maybe inspire you to get dusty and head down to your local record store too.

In the coming weeks we are launching the Diggin for Wax Mix Series along with some other treats.

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