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Diggin for Wax has Moved

14 Nov

See you there


New Perspectives

11 Jan

crate diggin

Just thought I’d let you know that this blog and the mix series is still continuing, I have relocated from the northern to the southern hemisphere while doing a bit of digging along the way. Its taken a bit longer than expected to get settled again and but now I am focused on putting some more time in here.

monty b diggin

Im really glad that so many people have shown interest in the first mix. 1030 plays for an idea 3 friends cooked up over a couple of beers has gone way beyond our expectations, so thanks for listening, the next installment is slowly being prepared. Got to run Im off to go and sort through this lot.

New digs for the heads

Cover Lover

5 Oct

Quite a lot of the time I’ll pick up a record and buy it just because of the cover art alone and then investigate the music further. My theory is if someone is willing to put enough money and time into the packaging of the product, the music that it contains will be of similar merit.

But then again ill pick up some dollar bin finds just because the content is so damn strange. Keeping this in mind I was pretty excited when I stumbled onto LP Cover Lover and I’ve spent the good part of an hour looking through the weird and wonderful included on the site.

They have really managed to include quite a bit of interesting content, where you can even submit your own covers and buy tshirts too. Must see is the incredibly strange section along with chicks dig record and restoration tips.

There are a few famous ladies back in the day in their prime that you might have seen before.

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