(digging; past and past participle dug /dʌg/)
Liking, finding inspiration in

“The practice of searching through second-hand records for undiscovered gems that have been discarded by previous generations”

Originally associated with elements of Hip Hop Djing and production tools but more widespread since the decline of vinyl as the mainstream music format.

“Digging” means to comb, or “dig”, through these boxes, in search of great vinyl that has slipped under the radar. Most, if not all of these records, are second-hand, and sold at prices well-under that of retail music. Haggling is expected.

The digging process takes hours at a time, then a few hours more on top of that. Astute diggers will be standing outside a shop as it opens, or showing up at a record show at 6 am to try to get the choice picks. A primary difference between “shopping” for records and “digging” for records is with the latter, you don’t know what you’re looking for upon entering.

You dig, finding interesting things as you go, most of which you may never have heard of, and may spend an equal number of hours listening to or screening it all, before deciding what is worth purchase.

In a digital age three Dj’s found themselves veering away from the virtual record box and back to something more tangible in a bid to discover discarded relics from the past left in sale bins gathering dust.

After some excellent finds we decided on a personal challenge. A limited budget of say £20 and a couple of weekends worth of diggin to unearth the best bargains London has to offer and piece together a bunch of mixtapes to share with you.


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