Reissue | Rob – Make it Fast Make it Slow

17 Apr

I have been thinking about writing about some of my favorite records I have picked of late and some that have been on the want’s list for some time. This release in particular I’ve been after for a while now and am very happy it’s finally been reissued by Soundway who initially introduced the title track to listeners outside of Africa on the diverse Ghana Sounds compilation which was the labels first release.

The title track is a low slung slow burning groove with heavy horns that you can’t help moving to.  The track was also sampled by J Dilla for his Beat CD ’05 almost unchanged which you may have heard.

I initially heard the title track of this recording after coming across the Africa 100: The Indestructible Beat article and 5 Cd compilation written and compiled by Joe Tangari for Pitchfork which I highly recommend checking out, personally this was an introduction to many of my now favorite African artists.

This is the second album that has been reissued from Rob, the first by Analog Africa titled The Funky Rob Way.

I plan on showcasing some more African favorites in coming weeks along with many other records I’m really enjoying. It’s good to be back, there are some more mixes planned and recordings of some DJ sets around Sydney by DJ’s Ive been inspired by.

By the way Independant Record Store Day is on again this Saturday 24th of April get down and support your local store for special releases and in store appearances. I’ll be heading down to the Record Store to pick up a copy of Hermitude’s new album which you can reserve a copy by commenting on the stores Facebook page.

The full list of participating stores around Australia can be found here

Let me know your thoughts if you would like to make a comment or contribution. Thanks


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